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All AUS Cheer routines are adjudicated using qualified multi-judge panels, meaning your routine will receive a fair, unbiased assessment.
We have developed an open and accountable system for officiating routines that evaluates performance and technical aspects.  AUS Cheer's Level 1 & 2 Judges Courses are recognised under the Australian Sport Commission's National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS).
To be eligible to adjudicate at an AUS Cheer event, all judges must successfully complete an AUS Cheer Judges Course and be a current Technical Member of the Australian Cheerleading Union (the National Governing Body for Cheerleading in Australia), or hold a current accreditation in any of the following:
  1. IASF Cheer or Dance Judge
  2. Dance Adjudicator (eligible to adjudicate Dance categories only)
  3. International judges who are invited to judge at an AUS Cheer event must hold a current recognised Judges certification and attend the judges briefing.
For further information on AUS Cheer's Cheerleading Judges Course, please click here

2012 Scoresheets

Click here for the Judges Overview and to learn about how your routine will be judged with AUS Cheer.

Level 1 Scoresheets
Level 2-6 Scoresheets
Tumbling Skills Performance Scoresheet Guidelines

Building Skills Performance Scoresheet Guidelines
Dance & Artistry Performance Scoresheet Guidelines
Safety Scoresheet Guidelines

Group Stunt / Partner Stunt Scoresheets

Dance Scoresheets
Pom Performance Scoresheet Guidelines
Jazz Performance Scoresheet Guidelines
Hip-Hop Performance Guidelines
Safety Scoresheet Guidelines